Jobeky Compact Pro with 14″ 18″ 20″ drum/ Low Volume electronic cymbal package

Jobeky Compact Pro with 14″ 18″ 20″ drum/ Low Volume electronic cymbal package


  • Shipping Weight: 35kg
  • Manufactured by: Jobeky

Compact Pro gives you complete control over your finish ! stock kits comes in black glitter but you can use the drop down to select different custom wraps ! we also have many other wraps to on our Drum Finishes page please check these out !

Finish * 

Black Powder Coating Hardware * 

Wire-in wire-wire cable system * 



Cheapest electronic drum shell pack on the net !!! No one comes close to what we have to offer !! If you’re thinking about upgrade your electronic pad kit then look no further !! Full size kit ! but budget price, No compromise !! Just look at the amazing specs below :

* High quality Chrome parts and lugs !

* Jobeky ERT technology ! fitted as standard like in our pro levels kits !!

* Jobeky NEW Tri-Ply 3ply mesh heads !

* 3 year warranty !

* New Jobeky custom made badge!

*Pro look suspension mounts !

*Heavy duty Omni-ball 3 way tom tom holder !

*Heavy duty bass drum claws and spurs !

*Customizable wrap finishes

Comes with New Tri-Ply 3 ply mesh head’s !! support’s our ERT triggering which is in all our eDrum range !!

Drum Spec :

*Bass wood shell material 7.5mm
*Acoustic size shell pack 10×7, 12×8 14×12 20×14 14×5.5
*low profile bullet style mounted lug boxes ( High quality Chrome finish )
*All toms come with dual zone feature (head and rim ) with our Jobeky ERT triggering system
*Each drum is fitted with 3ply mesh head
*Snare and toms come with pro rubber rim which is removable.
*Jobeky 1/4 inch jack connector designed by us for easy connection

eDrums: Compact sizes

10×7 dual zone rack tom
12×8 dual zone rack tom
14×12 dual zone floor tom comes with floor tom legs included
14×5.5 dual zone snare drum
20×14 bass drum comes with omni-ball 3 way tom tom holder


Jobeky NEW range of electronic LOW VOLUME cymbals ! made from hard wearing alloy ! finished in beautiful Gold or Silver finish ! each cymbal has perforated holes for low volume sound. The cymbals have a EPDM edge ring fitted to cut off any vibrations and keep it extra quiet on impact !  the cymbal has dual zone features bow and edge.

* Dual zone, bow edge and choke features

* Separate bell input design features a large bell, 2 piezo triggers for separate bell and bow sounds + choke

* ¼” TRS (stereo) output

Cymbal does not come with cables this can be brought from our on-line store

Comes with twin tom tom holder and legs for floor tom

please note this sale is for the shell pack only and cymbal package 14″ 18″ 20″

cable’s not included, these can be brought from our online shop.

*Works with Roland, 2box modules and software based midi devices


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