Rob Rolfe (from Enter Shikari)

I use Jobeky triggers on my kick and snare running into my SPD-SX. This means I can change seamlessly from live rock drums to electronic drum samples during the show. I love having the triggers fitted inside my drums as they are well protected, look neat and are easy to use on a busy tour. Just plug in and go. They are made well and the sensitivity is fantastic. I can actually have the pad sit just off of my snare skin and after working on the threshold have them triggering just as well as if it were touching. This means I don’t get the same dampening that I would with other brand triggers that push onto the drumhead and the live drum can still sing! We have experimented recently with using the triggers in my toms to open a noise gate and our FOH absolutely loves it. He says it tighten’s up the sound of the kit because there is so little cymbal spill.

Luke Oswald

Luke Oswald has been playing drums for over 20 years and has played in numerous bands providing a variety of experiences that lend to his ability to play multiple musical styles.

He is currently the drummer for The Innocence, a Midwest favorite that specializes in Classic Rock, Country, and popular music both new and old. He also plays with Formerly Three, a unique two piece band that plays everything from jazz to Motown, classics from the 50’s and 60’s as well as today’s modern hits. You can check out some of his latest performances on his YouTube Channel.

in addition, Luke has been very involved in pushing his own performance and production abilities to the next level through extensive study and has a deep interest in sharing this knowledge with others. Fueled by his passion to inspire others to push themselves to new musical heights, he has created DrumAngle.com, an exclusive e-drum education website where he provides educational, technical and inspirational content not only for drummers, but for all musicians alike. DrumAngle.com also features numerous performance videos based around various musical styles and the use of sample based technologies and Jobeky Drums/Cymbals.


To further educate on the benefits of drum sample technology, Luke is also an author/content creator at Groove3.com, the producer of high quality training videos for the pro-audio community. Groove3.com provides educational content for virtually every product and topic related to music and music production. Luke’s growing library of tutorials/lessons caters specifically to the e-drummer.

Drum Studies & Studio Work: During my time in Nashville, I studied drums with Derico Watson (Victor Wooten), Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert), Will Denton (Steven Curtis Chapman, LeAnn Rimes), Marcus Finnie (Kirk Whalum, India Arie) and Raymond Massey (Pearl Drums). I’ve recorded drums on multiple albums produced and have played on albums with artists such as George Clinton and Samantha Ware.

Quotes from Luke Oswald:

“To me, teaching is as inspiring as performing. When you teach, you’re forced to understand the topic at a much deeper level. I love the process of learning and improving, and to me teaching is just an extension of that process. I learn something new every time I teach anything, whether it be a drum lesson or a software tutorial. I also believe as artists we have a responsibility to pass on the knowledge that we’ve accumulated. You must take action and apply what you’ve learned to your own life, but that only goes so far. If you can take what you’ve learned and share it with someone else, you’re giving them the opportunity to take that knowledge, nurture it and allow it to influence their own lives. Eventually, they can pass that knowledge on to someone else, and the process keeps going. You never know the impact you can have on someone simply by sharing with them what you’ve learned.”

“I’m very passionate about encouraging, inspiring and educating others. I want to take every opportunity to share what I’ve learned and what I continue to learn. As I state on my own website, “Knowledge is meaningless without action.” The action you choose to take with the knowledge you’ve accumulated could be (and should be) to apply it to your own life. But I believe you should also put this knowledge to work by sharing it with others. There are very few things in life I enjoy more than taking what I’ve learned, sharing it with someone else and seeing the same excitement and inspiration in them that I’ve seen in myself.”

You can visit Luke’s youtube here: www.youtube.com/user/DrumAngleOfficial.
You can visit DrumAngle website here: www.drumangle.com.

Elliott Henshaw

Elliott has been an in demand drummer for many years now working with artists and bands that include Shirley Bassey, John Lord, and Roger Glover ( deep Purple), Paul Anka Michael Ball, Leo Sayer, Joe Longthorne, Russell Watson, Jane McDonald, Tony Christie, Kirk Whalum, Andy Abraham, Keely Smith, Tony Hadley, Limahl, The BBC Big Band, Syd Laurence Orchestra, The Drifters, Gwen Dickie,Gabriella Cilmi, Georgie Fame, Mathew Herbert, Bob Mintzer, Mike Stern, Laurie Holloway, and Michael Feinstein.

His West End Credits include the Lion King, The Rat Pack, The Bodyguard, Jersey Boys,Thriller and Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

He runs his own band that has headlined at Ronnie Scotts club in London on more than one occasion and released an album -is that not what you wanted.
In 2012 Elliott had the idea to produce a 25th Anniversary Buddy Rich memorial concert at the Palladium in London. He was the creative director of the event hosted by Buddy’s Daughter Cathy Rich and he performed alongside many leading names in the international drumming community.

Current Endorsements:
Elliott uses Jobeky, Echo Custom drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Aquarian heads, Protection Racket Cases, The BC2 by Porter and Davies, Vater Sticks, Lion Cajons and Baskey Products.

Visit Elliots website here: www.elliothenshaw.com

Richard Wilson – Drummer and Educator

Richard is currently one of the most sought after drummers and teachers in the north of England. Richard owns and runs the nationally renowned private music school ‘RAW Studios’.

Richard and his staff have an ever-growing list of private students from all over the UK for studio lessons and globally online. Beyond ‘Raw Studios’, Richard can often be found volunteering and running drum clinics, workshops and master classes across the country.

Among other artists, Richard has worked with Dom Famularo, Craig Blundell, Russell Gilbrook. Steve White, Mike Dolbear and James Hester.

You can find out more about Richard by visiting his site: www.richardwilsononline.com or www.rawstudios.net

Travis Marc

We are pleased to welcome Travis to the Jobeky family. Travis is a very talented drummer with a wide ranging career; as can be viewed below in his own words:

Career history and achievements:

2000 – I formed an original Pop band called “Feedback”. After getting radio play on local South African radio station “Highveld Stereo”, we formed our own label and independently released our first album, “More than this”. Unfortunately, the band broke up about a year later.

2001 – My brother and I started a Rock band called “Pyramid Tongue”. During the bands 4 year existence, we achieved just some of the following: We won the RP Studios Emerging Sounds “battle of the bands” competition. We signed with Indie label, Legend Music and released our album, “Confusion reigns” and distributed through “Universal” South Africa. We reached the #1 Spot on the 5fm Modern Rock Chart with our single “Sterilizing Agony”. We reached # 11 single on the 5fm Top 40 chart with our Single “Tender Loving Abuse”. We briefly toured London, where we played numerous venues, including “The Water Rats”, “The Rock Garden”, “The West One Four” and “The Oh Bar”.

2003 – I decided to join the corporate drumming/percussion group “1st Project” on a session basis, whilst still part of Pyramid Tongue. Some of “1st Project’s” achievements, while I was involved include: Performing on the talk show edition of the Jerry Springer Show. Touring the Seychelles, and performing at the Royal Prince’s party at the famous Plantation hotel.

Opening up the 2007 ICC World Cup Cricket Ceremony in Jamaica. Performing for both ex-South African Presidents, Mr. Nelson Mandela and Mr. Thabo Mbeki. Nominated for a SAMA, (South African Music Award) in the “best live DVD” category in 2007.

2007 – My brother and I decided to once again form a band together. Our new band is called “Munkinpure”. Some of our achievements thus far include. Reaching the #1 spot on UJ FM and Red Cap Radio, with our single “Beautiful Day”. Reaching the #3 spot on UJ M with our single “Breathe”. Reaching the #1 spot on UJ FM and HIGHVELD STEREO with our single “Clap your Hands”.

In addition, we released our first album, “For lack of a better word” through an independent record company, Inner Flame Music. (Please see attached reference). We have also appeared in numerous media publications including, “Purity”, “Blunt”, “Alberton record”, ”Tom X”, “Get it” and the “Splashy Fen magazine”. We independently released our second album, “This is where the money went”, which we just submitted for a 2010 SAMA award, and are also working on our fist live DVD.

2008 – In addition to focusing on “Munkinpure”, I formed my own percussion group called “iGrooves”. iGrooves perform mainly at corporate events, for which I have included a separate biography. There are now branches of “iGrooves” in both South Africa, and London.

2009 – Whilst still focusing on “Munkinpure” and “iGrooves”, I began to session for Contempary/Pop band “Walt”. “Walt” reached the #1 spot on Highveld Stereo with the single “Somewhere”.

Other achievements:

I have played, and performed at various South African and International music festivals and appeared on many television programs. Some of these programmes include: FTV’s Music and Fashion series, Yo TV’s Buzz Show, Saturday Night Live with Jerry Springer, Dstv’s MK Channel, Mnet’s open time, The Phat Joe Show, ETV’s 20 something.
Festivals include: The Woodstock Festivals (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10), Splashy Fen 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2009, The Jack Daniels Festival, the Way Out There Festival, the Wax Art and Music Festival, the Sasol Festival, and Rand Easter Show Festivals.

I won the Best Drummer Award at The National School of the Arts in 2002. I won SABC 3 reality show “30 Seconds To Fame” Competition Program in 2003. I have done many drum sessions (recorded and live). Some of the artists I have worked with, and continue to work with include: “Sian Wilkins”, “Ziller”, “Sheen”, “The Waiting Room”, “Voodoo Child”, “B-Daz”, “Denvor”, Maya and “Lonehill Estate”. I am currently featured on the South African drum website www.sadrummer.com. In 2004 and 2005 I was signed to Manifesto records, a sub division of Universal UK, with the Pop group, “Plastic Dreams”. We reached # 8 on the UK billboard charts with our single “Fuse”. I returned to South Africa shortly after the band broke up.

I received the Best Drummer award at the Astoria in London, in 2006 during the Global Battle of the Bands Competition, in which 30 bands from 30 different countries took part. I played alongside JoJo Mayer at the 2007 Johannesburg Drum Festival as part of the percussion group, the “Drum Talkers”. I played alongside Marco Minnemann at the 2008 Johannesburg Drum Festival with my drumming group, “iGrooves”. I played alongside Russ Miller at the 2009 SA Drums and Percussion Magazines drum day with my drumming group “iGrooves”.

I have performed on the same stage, at various events with artists, such as Stained, Evanesance, 3 Doors Down, the Body Rockers, Seether, the Audio Bullies, Rodriguez, Arno Carstens and The Parlotones. I am currently working with American drummer, Johnny Rabb on a recording project yet to be named. We are hoping to have some of this material recorded by the middle of 2010.

Loz Colbert

A founder member, drummer, percussionist and songwriter in the Oxford-based indie band RIDE. As a session drummer Loz has in the past worked for: The Jesus and Mary Chain, St Etienne, Supergrass, The Charlatans, Damo Suzuki, Betty Boo, James Welsh, and Shamon Cassette among others. More recently Loz played with Gaz Coombes in realising the live shows for Gaz’s first two solo albums ‘Here Come The Bombs’, and the Brit and Ivor Novello-nominated ‘Matador’, both of which featured live electronics.

It all changed for Loz in lockdown. Previously suspicious of electronic drums, he discovered the ‘lifeline’ of an e-kit for communicating creatively with the outside world. Loz has since undertaken remote session drumming, online teaching, pre-production on albums and live work with Jobeky Kits. A recent quote from Loz reads:

“Before 2020, I would have always said that although e-kits are great fun I’d never play one live… that has changed now Jobeky kits and Superior Drummer 3! I would be happy to use one live by itself now, and have done two 12-hour Drumathons to prove it!”

Why I wanted to use the kit

I wanted to use the Jobeky kits, because firstly, well the look of the thing! THAT’S why I fell in love with drumming, what I see there: a bass drum, a floor tom, snare, a metal cymbal stand with a big round brassy looking cymbals that wobble, hi-hats… The look, the sheen of a drum kit is what has moved me since I was little, and really that’s what I want to play. So even just the appearance help me feel like I’m part of, playing, and interacting with, the instrument I want to. But then also the feel of it and the response of the kit. Not just mesh heads – but different, authentic sizes too, and different responses for different drums. I had a lot of issues in the first year of lockdown working with my Roland Kit because I couldn’t get the same connection with it: mashing away at rubber discs the size of a side plate, and floor toms the same size as 8” snares etc… I was grateful for the mesh heads, but it seems like we’ve moved on now, and with Jobeky it really has moved on! When I look at the kit, I just want to play it; and when I do, I feel like I am playing a drum kit. First time I hooked it up to Superior Drummer 3 it was like a lightbulb moment, an epiphany – I CAN make my e-kit sound like a real kit!. Since then I have done collaborations with James Welsh (Phantasy Records, UK), Oli De Sat from Indochine in France, Shamon Cassette (New York) I have done countless session tracks – right there from my spare room! I have recorded in pre-production drum tracks for most of the next RIDE album, plus my own demos, I can get the kit sounds I want and the feel I want, working between the two. Also with the drum teaching, I get to sit behind what you can call a real kit. I always felt odd teaching drums from a Roland TD-11 as it just didn’t seem authentic. Now the whole experience is more realistic. Among all the other things I can explain to my students the dynamics and the physical challenges of moving around the kit, that relate to a real kit. And doing the 2021 Drumathon was amazing. This time around, I had worked out how to use Ableton Live to trigger kit changes and had my whole set list linked up so each track I played could have a new kit if I wanted, or to switch between various favourites. Effectively, I played a 12-hour gig live with an e-kit and it was great! These are some of the benefits of e-kits, being able to change sounds, or even perfect a sound you can store and keep.

Robbie Jay Maddix

In 1990 Robbie Maddix started his professional career as a drummer in Rebel MC. After three albums and three European tours with Rebel, Robbie Maddix formed a unit called New Underground.
New Underground was a production company and backing band who toured and recorded for artist’s such as Ruby Turner, Vivienne Mckone, Errol Brown, The Christians, Dennis Brown, Rachael Oliver, Love and Laughter and many others.
In 1995 Robbie was approached to replace Alan Wren in The Stone Roses as the drummer. Robbie also managed The Stone Roses throughout the bands 1995 world tour.
In 1997 after the Stone Roses split up Robbie retired from drumming preferring to concentrate on songwriting, record production and management.
In 2022 Robbie has now come out of retirement to drum for The Floacist whom he also manages.

Vicky O’Neon

…is a drummer, percussionist, youtuber and educator based in the UK, originally from Finland. She recently performed at Manchester arena for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on ITV with artists like Kaiser Chiefs, Steps, Mark Owen (Take That), Ella Henderson, Heather Small (M People), Becky Hill and Tom Grennan.

Some of her other performance credits include Wembley Arena with Nile Rodgers, Laura Mvula, Anne-Marie, YungBlud and Mica Paris and BBC Breakfast’s record breaking 24h Drumathon for Children in Need. In 2020 she worked closely with Brian May from Queen releasing 2 songs, one of which hit no. 13 in the iTunes chart. She has also performed with Hans Zimmer and friends (inc. Pharrell Williams & Johnny Marr) at the Hammersmith Apollo and Clean Bandit for the MTV Music awards.

She studied at Drum Tech in London (now called BIMM) from 2010-2013 to receive a BMus (Hons) in Popular Music Performance as a session drummer. After her first year of studies she received the school’s prestigious ‘Top Overall Drummer Award’ which encouraged her to push the boundaries as a drummer. Vicky is known for her musicality and immaculate timing, with the ability to reproduce authentic grooves of popular music genres. She is also an experienced percussion player and has performed alongside DJ’s all over the world in venues such as Atlantis Royal Beach (Dubai), Nikki Beach (Ibiza/Thailand) and at events like FIFA awards and Elle Style Awards.

She is a passionate Ableton Live user and she is incorporating Live into her work as a performer, producer, playback tech, youtuber and educator. Some of her work experience includes using Ableton to program electronic drums and live loops for the Olympics Team GB’s Homecoming Concert at Wembley Arena (aired on BBC One). Recent music releases include her debut single ‘Cold As’ and the album ‘Tigerpunsh’ with electronic music producer Rachel K Collier.

For the past decade Vicky has been an active educator. She is a co-founder of the non-profit music organisations Girls Rock London and Rock Donna and has developed workshop programmes in Finland, UK, Jamaica, Mexico and USA. In 2021 she released an educational Youtube series called “Drumming Through The Decades”, focusing on female identifying drummers and musicians, as well as creating regular performance videos for her YouTube channel.

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