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Our Warranty

We do not envisage people having issues with Jobeky products, and indeed our track record shows a remarkably small number of times when a product has failed. However, you should always be protected against all eventualities, no matter how remote the possibility.

That is why we have enacted our one year warranty! Yes, the legal blurb follows, but our principle is a very simple one. If it goes wrong, and it’s our fault, we will put it right.

The Jobeky warranty against production defects in materials and craftsmanship for the first year of a product’s life, when purchased directly from our website*, or store. Products resold by a third-party are explicitly excluded from this warranty.

All of our products are hand-built or assembled to our design specifications with the utmost care, to ensure the greatest durability possible. However, if you discover any issues with your Jobeky products, please contact us directly, and if we can not otherwise resolve the issue we will seek to repair or replace products as needed as long as the drum or other associated products shows no signs of inappropriate misuse or abuse.


Any potential return must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt, or only be submitted post receiving an emailed approval from Jobeky to do so. Our one year warranty does not cover deterioration of any part due to normal wear and tear. This includes mesh or other drum surfaces and cymbal dampener heads. Signs of abuse or misuse at our discretion will void the warranty.

Return address :

Jobeky Drums Ltd, Church Farm, Newcastle Rd, Coates Heath,  Stafford, ST21 6RX,  United Kingdom 

*PLEASE READ* Shipping costs on any returns will not be covered by ourselves, you will have to pay for all return costs.

If in doubt, please speak to us! We will always do our very best to help.

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