GEWA G9 sound module



GEWA E-Drum Module G9 Workstation

10″ Direct Touch Interface (1280x800px TFT Display)
128 GB internal memory / 4 GB Flash memory
40 Drum kit Presets + any number of User Presets
901 Instrument sounds
Up to 1000 individual samples per instrument (incl. Rim-Sound and Ambient Samples)
High-resolution Multi-Layer samples, recorded at the Berliner Funkhaus Studios with up to it 100 sound layers and 5 round robin sounds per velocity layer
3D Sonic Image – high-resolution samples for a realistic room sound
WiFi module to install software updates or download additional sounds from the GEWA Cloud
Bluetooth Audio to stream music from your mobile device
100 WAV or 100 Multi-Layer Samples import (Length: 320 Mono, 160 Stereo)
Quick Record (Realtime, .WAV Recorder)
Different effects e.g.:
Pad compressor: fully parametric 3-Band EQ for each individual pad
Output compressor
4-Band fully parametric EQ for each output
12 different reverb effects
9 different multi-effects
Trigger Inputs: 14x 6.3 mm jack plugs (fully compatible with pads from other manufacturers)
Monitor Out: 2x 6.3 mm jack plugs
Master Out: Balanced XLR
SPDIF (Stereo) 48 kHz
Direct Out: 8x 6.3 mm jack plugs
Headphone output: 6.3 mm jack plug
Mix in: 6.3 mm jack plug
USB Midi (for example, for using VST plugins) + USB Audio (2 IN/ 8 OUT – fully compatible without additional drivers)
Footswitch: 1x jack (2 channel)


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