* NEW * Jobeky Fast-Fit Trigger System Centre Mounted Trigger

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Introducing the revolutionary Fast-Fit drop-in trigger, a game-changer for drummers seeking seamless transitions between acoustic and electronic drumming. This innovative solution sits directly onto the bearing edge, eliminating the need for complex installations. Crafted in the UK with hardened steel and adorned with a sleek gloss white powdered coating finish, the Fast-Fit trigger boasts a smooth rounded edge trim that ensures effortless mesh head fitting without causing any damage. Ideal for modules with positional sensing like Roland.

The Fast-Fit trigger is a versatile powerhouse, equipped with 2 zones head and rim detection across the head and an impressive 360% rim triggering for seamless integration with most current drum modules. For added convenience, this trigger requires 3.5mm stereo cable you can purchase this directly from our online shop.

Whether you’re a seasoned drummer looking to enhance your acoustic setup with electronic capabilities or an aspiring musician seeking a versatile and durable solution, the Fast-Fit drop-in trigger is the perfect choice.

Experience the ultimate in versatility, durability, and ease of use with the Fast-Fit drop-in trigger, your key to unlocking a world of hybrid drumming possibilities.


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