14″ Jobeky Low Volume 2 piece “Real Feel” Electronic Dual Zone Hi-Hat And Controller




Jobeky NEW range of electronic LOW VOLUME cymbals ! made from hard wearing alloy ! finished in beautiful Gold  finish ! each cymbal has perforated holes for low volume sound. The cymbals have a rubber EPDM edge ring fitted to cut off any vibrations and keep it extra quiet on impact !  the cymbal has dual zone features bow and edge.


* 14″ inch Dual zone, bow edge and choke features

* 2 piece  cymbal and Hi-Hat with variable controller (works with Roland modules)

* Works well with most Hi-Hat stands up to 7.5mm (diameter) pull rod.

set to VH-11 in your module

** Cymbal does not come with cables these can be bought from our on-line store

** Compatible with a wide range of drum sound modules

2 reviews for 14″ Jobeky Low Volume 2 piece “Real Feel” Electronic Dual Zone Hi-Hat And Controller

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mark Witherington (verified owner)

    So far I am liking the Jobeky 2 piece hi hats. They seem to work well. They are louder than a rubber hi hat, but not by so much that it disturbs the neighbours. It’s early days so cannot really comment on durability, but they seem sturdily built so expect that they will have some longevity to them. They seem to trigger well. One thing I would say is that because they are a two pie e like a traditional hi hat, they feel incredibly stable in comparison to my previous Roland one piece hi hat and this above anything else makes me like playing them. I am happy with the purchase.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Richard Wheeler (verified owner)

    Exceeded my (high) expectations! I had the VH10 Roland hi-hat but although the sound was great the feel from the rubber cymbal just wasn’t quite right. Even though the VH10 was not on the list I took a chance and the Jobeky triggers work brilliantly with the drum module and the look and feel of the cymbals are fantastic . Thoroughly recommend

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