14″ Jobeky Brass “Real Feel” Electronic Dual Zone 2 Piece Hi hat Cymbal



Jobeky “Real Feel”  cymbal with metal playing surface, Machined Brass cymbal,  fully insulated dampening for quite play !  natural swing, dual zone features bow, edge and choke.

2 piece hi hat with brass top and and metal low volume bottom hat

New style electronic cymbals with no visible screws on the surface 

14″ inch metal brass 2 piece hi hat cymbal with controller included.

* Cymbal does not come with cables these can be bought from our on-line store

 Compatible with a wide range of drum sound modules


1 review for 14″ Jobeky Brass “Real Feel” Electronic Dual Zone 2 Piece Hi hat Cymbal

  1. 5 out of 5

    Karen Brumby (verified owner)

    Excellent value for money, I am using this with a Simmons SD1200 module and have for it working so well even our drummer who uses a high end Roland kit says it is comparable with his hi-hat.
    The look and feel is so much more realistic than the standard rubber type and the volume is not much higher, just more of a tick sound than a thud.
    I did have to swap the clutch part that fits into the top cymbal for the one that came with my stand as the one supplied would not slip onto the lifting rod on the stand, but it was very simple, the only other thing I had to do was increase the length of the felt pad that comes supplied as it was not thick enough to fully operate the piston on the sensor with the swapped clutch part, this maybe something Jobeky could add, I just used what I had from a cymbal bracket.
    This is an excellent upgrade for any electronic kit in my opinion.

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