Jobeky 4 spoke dual zone trigger

Jobeky 4 spoke dual zone trigger

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**** NEW FOR 2019 !

Jobeky are always innovating so we have this great NEW product ! 3 and 4 spoke trigger system which can be fitted to any toms or snares with 8 lug configuration. The new trigger is made from laser cut steel with high quality powder coated finish for life long durability, easy to fit and can be removed. The trigger comes with 35mm rim piezo.

  • Dual zone head and rim
  • Adjustable central trigger
  • High quality laser cut steel with industrial powder coat finish for lifelong durability
  • Comes with brackets to fit to your toms/snare (M4)
  • comes with 35mm rim trigger

1 review for Jobeky 4 spoke dual zone trigger

  1. 5 out of 5

    SSymes (verified owner)

    I have been using the Jobeky 4 spoke trigger for a couple of months now and thought I’d write a brief overview of my experiences.

    It is being used on a 14” Snare shell in my teaching studio. I have over 40 students per week who play on this drum, triggering various VST drum libraries.
    It has not shown any sign of failing since installation. The performance has been spot on.

    Firstly, it was a breeze to set up. Everything dropped into my drum shell as expected and only minimal adjustment was required to get the top of the foam cylinder just above the bearing edge height. The only tool required was a screw driver. Everything else is done by the included thumb screws. Simple!

    Next, I installed the appropriate cabling and fed it through the air vent. Within a few moments I was tweaking my module settings (TD30) and playing the drum.
    At this point, I’d suggest it’s worth understanding how your module settings work and how you’d like the drum to “feel”. It may take you some time to get everything to your liking but it’s certainly worth it.
    One thing I had to do was lower the trigger a bit. The foam was perhaps a bit stiff for the head to press down, likely because it’s cylindrical. Once I did this the everything improved significantly.

    The rim, head and positional sensing (if supported) are excellent. The drum is very sensitive and responds very well dynamically. I’d also suggest the Jobeky rim protector if you want to keep the volume down, and of course their mesh heads are worth looking at too.

    Be prepared to adjust a few setting in your module and you really will have a great electronic solution.

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