ATV aDrums artist 18″ inch cymbal

ATV aDrums artist 18″ inch cymbal


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ATV aDrums artist 18″ inch cymbal

  • fully compatible with Roland modules
  • acutal sizes
  • 360 degrees playing surface
  • highly dynamic
  • newly developed silicon

More freedom for the cymbals
A newly designed pivot allows natural sway in all directions. Cymbals that can be played around their entire circumference do not require troublesome components such as a rotation stopper; simply place it on the cymbal stand just like an acoustic cymbal.
We have also paid careful attention to the way in which the entire cymbal bends when the edge is struck, as well as to the thickness of the edge; this lets us approach the playing feel of a bronze cymbal in spite of using a silicone rubber surface for its excellent properties of silence.

(without accessories)

 NOTE : Delivery time approximately one week

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Weight6 kg


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