20″ Jobeky “Brilliance” 3 Zone ” Real Feel” Ecymbal with choke

20″ Jobeky “Brilliance” 3 Zone ” Real Feel” Ecymbal with choke


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Jobeky”s NEW BRILLIANCE electronic cymbals !  ROLAND COMPATIBLE

Beautifully hand crafted from B20 Bronze, each cymbal lathed by hand then polished to a mirror finish !

* High quality heavy duty hand made bronze cymbal

 * Real look and feel nothing else comes close.

* Dual-zone feature

* Separate bell input design features a large bell, 2 piezo triggers for separate bell and bow sounds + choke

* Special self dampening center layer for quiet play

* ¼” TRS (stereo) output

Cymbal does not come with cables this can be brought from our online store

work with all Roland modules except TD8 TD12 TD20 

NOT compatible with 2box DrumIT5 at the moment


PLEASE NOTE: With this product, everything is hand made so there will be a wait time of 6 to 8 weeks 


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