18″ Jobeky “Vintage Hybrid Ride” 3 Zone ” Real Feel” Ecymbal with choke

18″ Jobeky “Vintage Hybrid Ride” 3 Zone ” Real Feel” Ecymbal with choke


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Jobeky’s NEW VINTAGE HYBRID electronic cymbals !  ROLAND COMPATIBLE

Beautifully hand crafted from B20 Bronze, each cymbal lathed by hand

* 18″ Inch dual zone ” REAL FEEL” CYMBAL

* High quality heavy duty hand made B20 bronze cymbal

 * Real look and feel nothing else comes close.

* Dual zone feature, can be choked around the cymbal edge

* Separate bell input design features a large bell, 2 piezo triggers for separate bell and bow sounds + choke

* Special self dampening center layer for quiet play

* ¼” TRS (stereo) output

Cymbal does not come with cables this can be brought from our online store

** Compatible with a wide range of drum sound modules **work with all Roland modules except TD8 TD12 TD20 

** For 2Box drumIT 5 and Mimic pro please contact us before purchase

NOT compatible with 2box DrumIT5 at the moment


PLEASE NOTE: This product is hand made and needs 4 to 8 week build time, thank you


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