14″ Jobeky “Dark Design” Dual Zone Hi-Hat and Controller


14″ Jobeky “Dark Design” Dual Zone Hi-Hat and Controller


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Jobeky”s Dark Design electronic cymbals !  ROLAND COMPATIBLE

* 14″ Inch dual zone ” REAL FEEL” CYMBAL ALL HAND MADE

* *Jobeky’s NEW Hi-Hat with variable controller (works with Roland modules)

* Works well with most Hi-Hat stands up to 7.5mm (diameter) pull rod.

*You can do “foot splash” techniques with this Hi-Hat.

**** works with Roland TD-4 TD-6 TD-8 TD-9 TD-11 TD-12 TD-15 TD-25 TD-20 TD-30 TD-50 TD-17 ***

set to VH-11 in your module

** Cymbal does not come with cables this can be brought from our on-line store

NOTE: Controller is NOT compatible with Yamaha



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